There are many aids available when recovering from hip surgery. The recovery times are different for everyone, and you may need extra help when performing activities like getting dressed and picking things up. It may take time to adjust to your limited mobility while in recovery but with the help of these aids, recovery can be a lot easier! 

1. Sock Aid - You may benefit from using a sock aid to help with bending over to reach your feet.

2. Reacher - To make it easier to reach and pick up objects, a reacher might be used. It eliminates the need to bend and extend the body. 

3. Shoehorn - A shoehorn can be helpful when putting on your shoes without having to bend over.

4. Raised Toilet Seat – A raised toilet seat will ease the pain of sitting down and standing up when using the toilet. 

5. Grab Bars – Adding grab bars into your bathroom will provide extra safety during recovery. 

6. Shower Sponge - A shower sponge with a long handle will be beneficial when showering after surgery. 

7. Bath Chair – A shower seat or bench will allow you to sit while you wash if you’re unable to stand for long periods.

8. Hand Held Shower Head – Having a handheld shower head allows you to sit on your chair and bath, without standing for too long.

9. Lift Chair - A lift chair is a great option to allow you a comfortable place to lounge while also having the ability to sit down and get up without problems.

10. Canes & Crutches – A cane or pair of crutches may be needed to offset some of the weight while you walk and heal.

11. Stair Lift – If you will be healing for a long time or lose some mobility, a stair lift is a top option to look into. You’ll be able to access all areas of your home, no matter your mobility issues.

12. NOTE: It is important to re-organize your home before your surgery. You may need to rearrange items that you use frequently so that they are reachable and accessible to you post-surgery. 

Recovery may seem intimidating and scary but luckily there are many products that can provide support and aid when you need it. You can utilize any of these products during your recovery to help you maintain as much independence as possible. If you are looking for aids to use during recovery, check out our website!