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At ThedaCare At Home, we are always focused on giving our customers the resources they need to connect with us, find our products and educate themselves in the ways they can remain independent at home. Below, we'll provide you some resources that we hope you'll find useful for some of our most common product categories. If you have any questions, please review our terms and conditions or contact us directly.

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Lift Chairs

Lift chairs present you with a great opportunity to add comfort, style, and safety to your home. At ThedaCare At Home, we carry lift chairs from Golden Technologies, one of the most trusted names in home accessibility. The chairs are equipped with a wide range of features, but the most important is that they all make it safer to sit and stand. By rising up to meet you, it reduces the chances you or a loved one fall as they sit down or stand up from their favorite chair. All our lift chairs are available in different materials, to match your home's decor. If you're interested in learning more about our lift chairs, we invite you to read through our blog posts about lift chairs or browsing our current selection in our online catalog.

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Stair Lifts

If your home has multiple levels, that can present a unique challenge for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. If you're looking to maintain independence and safety in your multi-level home, a stair lift is a great option. ThedaCare At Home can offer curved or straight stair lifts that are customized to the layout of your home. Check out our stair lift blog posts or our online catalog to learn more about how stair lifts can make your home safer.

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Compression Garments

From people that work on their feet all day to people living with medical conditions like lymphedema or chronic venous disease, compression garments are offer a great way to improve circulation and encourage fluid flow. We offer compression stockings and garments in a variety of styles and colors. We also carry a wide range of accessories to help you wash and maintain your compression garments so they can do what they're designed to do. Learn more about the benefits of compression garments and browse our selection by clicking the buttons below.

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Enteral Nutrition

Many patients require specialized feeding to get the vitamins and nutrients they need. At ThedaCare At Home, we specialize in providing the enteral nutrition supplies to meet our patients' need, from formula and feeding bags to pumps. Whether you have a permanent or short-term need for enteral nutrition formula, we're here to help you. Click the button below to browse our current selection of enteral nutrition supplies. 

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CPAP Equipment

We carry a wide range of CPAP equipment that assists in treating obstructive sleep apnea. From CPAP machines that can be set to your required pressure level, to the right type of mask to fit the way you breathe. We also carry cleaning and sanitizing equipment that allow you to make sure all your equipment is clean and ready to use each night. Click the button below to view all our available CPAP Supplies

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