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Cane Styles
What’s the Difference Between Cane Styles?

If you are struggling with mobility or are wanting to be more independent, a cane is a great option. When searching for the right cane, it is important to know the difference between cane styles to know which one will work best. We are going to share...

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Fall Safety
Fall Safety Tips for Those with Limited Mobility

Fall is a season with crisp air, leaves falling, and campfires but also a season where the chilly air, slippery surfaces, and yard work can cause illness and/or injury. Fall can be a difficult time for those with limited mobility, putting them at a higher...

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Aids Available in Recovery
What Aids Are Available in Recovery?

There are many aids available when recovering from hip surgery. The recovery times are different for everyone, and you may need extra help when performing activities like getting dressed and picking things up. It may take time to adjust to your limited...

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Fitting Patients For Equipment Before and After Surgery
Fitting Patients for Equipment Before & After Surgery

Preparing for surgery is never easy and may seem overwhelming at times. Knowing what to expect may make it easier and less stressful. It is important to remember that not everyone’s experience with surgery will be identical and a lot of factors...

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Should I Install a Shower or a Bathtub in My Home?
Should I Install a Shower or a Bathtub in My Home?

Deciding whether to purchase and install a shower or bathtub can be a difficult decision, especially for individuals with limited mobility. There are multiple positives and negatives for each, and both have accessibility options to make them safer. We...

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Bathroom Safety

FAQs From Family Members of Those with Limited Mobility

Whether you have aging parents or a family member with limited mobility, it can be difficult to know what the best choices are for them. From home modifications to emotional needs, you, or your family member’s caregivers, play a key role in caring...

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Handicap Accessible Outdoor Activities Near the Appleton/Green Bay Area

Nature has plenty to offer to those who seek it, from its lovely landscapes to its brilliant creatures and fun outdoor activities. For individuals with a disability, finding the right outdoor activities to allow you to enjoy all that nature has to offer...

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Heart Healthy
5 Ways to Live a Heart-Healthy Life as You Age

It’s never too late to make that change to better your health, especially when it comes to bettering your heart health. In honor of February being American Heart Month, we wanted to show you why and how you can live a heart-healthy life so you can...

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Health Goals 2022
New Year, New Health Goals: Top Resolutions for Aging Adults

Making resolutions each year can help us live a healthier, fulfilling life – but as we all know, many resolutions can be hard to withstand for the whole year or for years to come. In fact, many resolutions don’t even...

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The Difference Between 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel Scooters

When you’re looking into purchasing a mobility scooter, there are two main categories to consider: 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters. While you see both options available in multiple styles, many people don’t know...

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