If you’re new to needing compression garments, you may have a lot of questions about what compression garments are and how they can help you. At ThedaCare At Home, we’re focused on providing you the best possible service, which means we are here to answer all your questions related to compression therapy. 

What Are Compression Therapy Garments? 

These garments are specialized to encourage the blood flow and other fluids such as lymph fluid. Using gradient compression, these garments make it easier for fluid to flow through the vessels of your body, especially in your extremities. By keeping the fluid moving, the garments can help prevent fluid from building up in certain areas, which can cause painful swelling. Compression garments are common in treating the symptoms of disorders like lymphedema and chronic venous disease.  

Finding Your Compression Garment Size 

Getting accurate measurements is important to getting a compression garment that fits properly. You can do this with professional help or measure yourself. At ThedaCare At Home, our staff is trained to get accurate measurements to make sure your garments are correctly fitted. You can also measure yourself at home. If you’re measuring for compression stockings at home, here are the measurements you should take: 

  1. Ankle bone circumference 
  2. Calf circumference at fullest part of calf 
  3. Calf length from floor to back of knee 
  4. Thigh circumference at widest part of thigh 
  5. Leg length from floor to beginning of gluteal fold 
  6. Hip circumference at widest point 

How To Wear Your Compression Garments 

Once you have received your properly sized compression garment, it’s important to make sure you are able to put on your garments and wear them correctly. So, what are the tips for wearing your compression garments?  

  1. When you put your stockings on in the morning, make sure your leg is dry and free of any lotion 
  2. Don’t bunch up the stocking to put it on 
  3. Wear your garment all day and take the garment off before you go to sleep at night 

ThedaCare At Home is ready to help you find the right compression garment to keep you comfortable. Take a look at the compression stockings we offer to see the options available to you.