If you are a new CPAP user, you may feel overwhelmed by the challenges that come with using a CPAP machine. CPAP machines may take time to get used to, but after you overcome the initial challenges, you will be on the road to better sleep in no time! We have shared with you a few tips for adjusting to CPAP therapy, continue reading to find out what they are. 

Tip #1: Practice Wearing Your CPAP Mask

  • Getting used to wearing your CPAP mask is a very common challenge that new CPAP users run into. You can practice wearing your CPAP mask during the day to help you get used to it. You may find it helpful to wear your mask while watching TV before bed to help distract you from the mask itself.  

Tip #2: Start Using Your CPAP Machine Gradually

  • It may seem overwhelming to jump right in and start using your CPAP machine every night, all night long. If you are struggling to get used to your CPAP machine, you can try incorporating it gradually by using it for a few minutes each night and increasing the time each night. You can start with 30-60 minutes and build up from there until you can wear it for a full night's sleep.  

Tip #3: Try Using a Different Mask

  • If you don’t like the current mask you are using, there are other options available that may be more comfortable. For CPAP machines, there are full-face masks, nasal masks, and nasal pillow options that you can choose from. Consider getting a mask fitting to ensure maximum comfort!  

Tip #4: Try Using a CPAP Humidifier

  • If you are experiencing dry mouth, nose, or throat when using your CPAP machine, consider using a CPAP humidifier to help combat this problem. A CPAP humidifier can increase moisture and reduce dryness as you use your CPAP machine!  

Tip #5: Be Patient

  • Remind yourself that getting used to your CPAP machine will take time and won’t happen in just one night. Try to stay as consistent as possible, to ensure that your CPAP therapy is effective! Remember your goals and why you started CPAP therapy, this will help you to stay consistent and not give up. Soon, you will start getting quality sleep which will make getting used to your CPAP machine so worth it. 

At ThedaCare, we care about your health and your quality of sleep! We provide reliable CPAP equipment that will allow you to take control of your sleep apnea. To learn more about our CPAP equipment, please visit our website or contact us with any questions. If you are struggling to adjust to your CPAP therapy, you can use these five tips to help make the process easier, don’t give up! You will adjust to your CPAP machine in no time.