One of the most important steps to take when you exercise is stretching before and after. Stretching can help maintain your mobility and independence. Continue reading to find out what the benefits are of stretching before and after you exercise and what the risks are if you do not.  

The Benefits 

1. Increased Range of Motion  

Stretching can create more flexibility, allowing you to have an increased range of motion. Having more flexibility will help you throughout your workouts as well as with completing everyday tasks.  

2. Improved Physical Health  

One of the many benefits of stretching before and after you exercise is that it can help improve your overall physical health. Regular stretching can help improve blood pressure and improve your heart rate.  

3. Decreases Risk of Injury  

Stretching properly before exercising can help reduce the risk of injuries, like muscle strains and joint damage.  

4. Stress Relief  

Stretching can often result in reduced stress levels and overall improved mental health. Stretching gives you the opportunity to practice mindfulness and deep breathing to help you relieve stress.


The Risks 

There are many risks present if you don’t regularly stretch, especially before exercising. Those risks include feeling fatigued while exercising, stiff and sore muscles, increased risk of injury, and increased risk of reduced mobility.  

If you do happen to experience an injury while exercising, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. A brace may be required to help you heal properly. At ThedaCare, we offer a variety of braces that provide stability and support. Visit our website to view our available options.  

Stretching before and after exercising is crucial to ensure safety while participating in physical activities as well as help you improve your overall physical and mental health. If you aren’t sure where to start with stretching, there are many resources available online and helpful videos to help you perform each stretch safely. Here is a great video for beginners!  

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