If you’re thinking of purchasing a stair lift, we want you to feel empowered. This is most likely all new to you and you don’t know where to start – we’re here to help you, you’re definitely not alone. That’s why we’ve composed a few questions for you to ask yourself to make the decision process a little easier.

1. Are you planning on or wanting to age in place?

We want you to live your best life. Stair lifts make the most sense for those wanting to spend as much time as possible in their home as they age. For some, they have no problem going to a care facility when mobility concerns and age sneak up on them, but for others, they wish to stay home. Those people may need assistance getting from floor to floor in their home – that's where a stair lift comes into play. This product is a great long-term investment and not only adds safety and comfort for the user, but also adds peace of mind for their family or caretakers which is something you can’t put a value on.

2. Straight vs. Curved Stairlift - What Your Home Needs

When it comes to whether or not a stair lift will work in your home, it’s almost always possible – the real question is, do your stairs go straight up and down, or is there a curve to them? This will make the difference in what lift you need. As for the rest of the logistics – our team will be able to assess your needs so you don’t feel overwhelmed in preparing to search for the right solution.

3. Indoor vs. Outdoor Stairlift - Which Do You Need?

One thing that is often overlooked by individuals considering a stair lift is entering the home. While this seems obvious, our first thought often goes to the stairs indoors. Be sure to think of accessibility outdoors as well. If there isn’t a ramp to get into the home, a stair lift would be a great option to seamlessly scale those stairs outdoors.

While there are many things that go into finding and purchasing the perfect stair lift, these are the first few things to keep in mind so you feel good about your decision – you can leave the rest up to us! We understand just like everyone’s life is unique, everyone’s home is unique, that’s why our experts are trained to ask questions specific to each user to make sure we get you the best lift for your needs. If you’re interested in aging in place and need to have accessibility to multiple levels, check out our lifts online, stop in a retail location or give ThedaCare a call for your lift today.