Summer is here and you want to enjoy the beautiful weather, but it is important to remain safe from the heat and sun. Maintaining good health throughout the summer can be done with a few simple changes. Below, we share five tips on how to have a fun, safe summer! 

1. Stay out of direct sun exposure 

Try to stay out of direct sunlight during the day. If possible, plan your activities in the early morning or later in the evening to avoid direct sunlight.  

2. Stay hydrated 

Staying hydrated is especially important during the summer. Drink tons of water and clear liquids that do not contain caffeine or alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol make you urinate more, which can lead to faster dehydration. Eating fresh fruits can also help you stay hydrated. 

3. Protect yourself from the sun 

It is important to always wear sunscreen. Even if it is an overcast day, SPF 15 or higher is still recommended. Make sure your sunscreen blocks UVA and UVB rays also. After you participate in water activities, be sure to reapply your sunscreen. Wearing a hat is also a good way to block the sun from your face. 

4. Dress appropriately 

It is best to wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes during the summer. Avoid dark colors because they absorb the sunlight and heat. Wearing the right clothes is a good way to avoid sunburn and overheating. Try incorporating cotton into your summer wardrobe as well.  

5. Reduce strenuous activity 

For seniors, it is important to stay inside in the air-conditioning or in a cool place, away from the sun. It is also recommended to reduce strenuous activity in the heat because it increases your body temperature. If you do wish to or need to be outdoors, a mobility device such as a scooter or wheelchair may help reduce that stress! 

While summer brings us warmth and beautiful sights, it is important to remember that the heat and sun can be very damaging to our health. Whether you keep sunblock in your purse or a hat in your car, the smallest habit changes can be the difference between healthy and harmful. We hope these tips help you stay safe this summer. If you have any questions, contact us, or visit our website.