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Disposable Sleep Apnea Screener

Many people that are suffering from sleep apnea still go undiagnosed today.  With that in mind, the introduction of a disposable, easy to use sleep apnea screener is good news!

The Sleep Strip is a novel, low-cost device designed to help physicians screen patients for sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) reliably and conveniently  and was designed by Roxon medi-tech ltd. Roxon is a Canadia-owned corporation dedicated to supplying quality specialized equipment to medical facilities. Their focus is on Cardiac, Respiratory and Sleep, and Neurology equipment.

The award winning SleepStrip™ home-screening device has many advantages. An At-home study may be done in the comfort of the patient`s natural sleeping environment. It is an accurate, low-cost screen that has good correlation with sleep lab results. It is small, lightweight, and easy to mail and provides instant results requiring no additional equipment.

SleepStrip™ works by using three miniature sensors that monitor the patient`s respiration all through the night. The integrated CPU analyzes respiration patterns to detect and count each apnea event as it occurs. The SAS severity score is calculated the morning after the study based on the patient`s AHI and permanently displayed on the built-in electrochemical display. Consult your physician for test availability.

Source: Roxon Medi-Tech Ltd.